SQL Monitor 13

Managing users with Active Directory

If you've configured SQL Monitor to authenticate with Active Directory, administrators can add, delete and edit users, and configure which servers users have access to.

On the Configuration page, under Users, click Users and permissions.

Adding a user or group

SQL Monitor supports security groups, but not distribution groups. For more information on group types in Active Directory, see Group types: Active Directory (TechNet).

  1. Log in to SQL Monitor as an administrator.
  2. Click Add user or group.
    The Add user or group dialog box opens. 
  3. Under User or group name, specify the name of the user or group of users you want to add.
  4. Under Choose user role, select the user role the user or group will have.
    Administrators have full access to all servers and options. Standard, read-only and Reports users can only access the servers you specify, and have restricted options
    For more information, see User role restrictions.
  5. If you selected the standard user role, under Select access rights, select the servers the user or group can access in SQL Monitor.
  6. Click Save.

The user or group is added to the list of SQL Monitor users.

Editing a user or group

  1. Click the edit icon.
  2. The Edit user or group dialog box opens.
  3. Make the changes you want and click Save.

The user or group is updated.

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