SQL Monitor 12

SQL Monitor browser error – Cannot display web page, connection timed out, web page not available, or could not locate remote server

If you are unable to view the SQL Monitor web page, and your browser displays one of the following messages:

  • Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer cannot display the web page.
  • Firefox: The connection has timed out.
  • Chrome: This web page is not available.
  • Opera: Could not locate remote server.

Please check the following:

  • The host machine name and port number are correct.

    The URL should be in the format http://mymachine.domain:8080/ or

  • The SQL Monitor Web Server has been installed and the service is running.

    Under local services on the Web Server machine, check that the SQL Monitor Web Service is started.

  • If there is a firewall on the Web Server machine, ensure that it is configured to allow connections on the SQL Monitor port.
  • You have internet connectivity.
  • Check that you can access other websites.

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