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SQL Monitor is a SQL Server monitoring and alerting tool, designed to allow Ops teams to supervise many SQL Server instances across different networks, hosted on "bare metal" servers, in Virtual Machines, or in the cloud. For more information, or to download SQL Monitor, go to the SQL Monitor product page .

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Redgate University training videos

With these free video courses learn how to utilize your SQL Monitor tool to its full effect and help your team find issues before they become problems by proactively monitoring your estate.

Overview of SQL Monitor

In this course take a tour of the SQL Monitor GUI including an overview of the global dashboard and some basics on alerts, reports, and estate management.

Getting started with SQL Monitor

This course will walk you through installation and configuration, including how to install multiple base monitors and multiple dashboards.

Introduction to configuring metrics and alerts

This course gives you a basic introduction to how metrics and alerts work in SQL Monitor and how to start setting them up. Learn about availability groups, support for elastic pools, and custom metrics.

Advanced alerts and custom metrics

Once you are up and running with SQL Monitor you can get some more advanced tips from Grant in this course. Learn to tune alerts, set up custom metrics, find community metrics and automate the tuning of alerts with Powershell API (requires Redgate customer account to watch).

Extended Events and custom metrics

Once you have watched our basic courses you can advance on to this course where Kathi Kellenberger goes into more detail about Extended Events (requires Redgate customer account to watch).

Articles and how-to guide

Get SQL Monitor hints, tips and advice from our product experts.

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