SQL Monitor 5

Hardware and performance guidelines

The following values are guideline requirements for the machine that hosts the SQL Monitor database and monitoring service (also called the base monitor).

For the purposes of this page, a server is defined as a host machine plus a single SQL Server instance.

These values are guidelines only. Depending on your servers' activity, the values could be two or even three times those specified.

Requirements for approximately 80 servers:

Processor3 GHz quad-core

Additional requirements per monitored server:

Physical memory20-40 MB
Disk space

600-1000 MB*

Network I/O20 KB/sec
Disk I/O20 KB/sec

*The amount of disk space required also depends on your data purging settings and whether your SQL Monitor database (data repository) uses a SIMPLE or FULL recovery model. Setting short purge windows and using the SIMPLE recovery model will help to minimize disk space requirements.

If you're using SQL Server Express, we recommend you set short purge windows (1 week for data you want to view trends for, 3 days for troubleshooting data) and don't monitor more than 10-15 servers.

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