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SQL Monitor 5.1 release notes

When should I upgrade?

  • We aim to release a build every two weeks that includes the latest incremental features and bug fixes. These builds are identified by a three-part version number, such as v5.0.8. So if you’ve identified a particular feature from the release notes that you need, you can download the relevant build.
  • If you want to wait until all aspects of a feature have been fully completed, it’s best to use a quarterly minor version release, identified by a two-part version number such as v5.1.
  • Annual major releases (such as v6.0) combine multiple feature releases and undergo additional Q&A.

Version 5.1.2 - April 28th, 2016

New SQL Monitor dashboard

We've done a lot more work on the new global dashboard since the last release. It's still not quite fully functional, but you can see what it looks like so far by adding "globaldashboard" to the end of your normal SQL Monitor URL.

If you have any feedback on the new dashboard so far, let us know by emailing matt.godfrey@red-gate.com.


  • If you've already created at least one group for your servers, you can now group your servers directly from the Add SQL Server page, as well as from Configuration > Groups.
    If you haven't created any groups, we now automatically create three empty groups you can use: Production, Staging, and Development. You'll be able to categorize your servers into these groups directly from the Add SQL Server page, as well as from Configuration > Groups.
  • General performance improvements

Version 5.1.1 - April 14th, 2016

New SQL Monitor dashboard

We're currently working on a new global dashboard to give you a clearer view of all your monitored instances.

It's not yet fully functional, but you can see a preview of the dashboard so far by adding "globaldashboard" to the end of your normal SQL Monitor URL.


  • SRP-10469: Opening an alert for which the data has been purged no longer results in a stack trace being displayed


  • SRP-2793/SRP-10436: Fixed an issue where the “Fragmented indexes” alert wasn’t being raised on some machines

Version 5.1 - April 4th, 2016


  • SRP-9520: On the alert details pages, the “Performance data” tabs now always cover the full duration of the alert (or, for active alerts, the duration up until the most recent collection time)
  • SRP-9596: Decreased CPU and memory usage relating to unbound data retrieval
  • SRP-9607: Updated the Hardware and performance guidelines documentation to reflect current guidelines
  • SRP-10194: Updated the styling on the manual license activation screen
  • SRP-10407: Improved the wording in the banner displayed when you add a server, to show a “connecting” message instead of a green “success” message
  • SRP-10409: Scheduled page refreshes for the overview pages and Alert Inbox no longer trigger a “Loading…” indicator
  • SRP-10422: On the SQL Server instance overview page, under “Server properties”, we now display the friendly version name and version number instead of the full Microsoft version number
  • SRP-10452: Improved the labels in the “Blocking process” alert details, to clarify that the duration shown is the total duration for which all descendants have been blocked


  • SRP-2856: Fixed a “maxDate < minDate”  issue that caused an unhelpful stack trace to be displayed
  • SRP-9479: Performance counters are no longer collected as negative for Disk avg. read time. Previously, when this happened, the data was discarded.
  • SRP-9915: On the Configuration > Monitored servers screen, in the “More actions” menu, the “Remove servers” option is now enabled if you have at least one host machine selected
  • SRP-9571: On the alert details page, for the “Job duration unusual” alert, the information displayed in the “User” field now matches the job owner
  • SRP-9964: Corrected the breadcrumbs on the alert details page for availability group alerts
  • SRP-10028: On the Availability group overview screen, the State and Failover columns are now sorted correctly
  • SRP-10090: Fixed an issue where the styling sometimes took time to load properly in Internet Explorer
  • SRP-10395: Clicking “Remove overrides” for a customized alert now correctly updates the number in brackets in the “Monitored servers” list
  • SRP-10403: Fixed an issue that caused the “Long-running query” alert status to show as “Ended” when the query was still running
  • SRP-10402/SRP-10405: Fixed issues that resulted in users being unable to open certain “Long running query” and “Blocking process” alerts
  • SRP-10431: Navigating to the login page (when logged out) with an incorrect ReturnUrl no longer causes an error
  • SRP-10432: Corrected the error message displayed when you try to add a server name containing an invalid character
  • SRP-10447: SQL Monitor no longer throws an exception when you move a server out of a group and into “All Servers”
  • SRP-10453: When alert emails are enabled, a successful job run following a “Job failing” alert will no longer generate an alert email with a status of None
  • SRP-10457: The installer no longer displays a confusing error message if you try to create a database with the same name as an existing database
  • SRP-10461: The database schema update warning in the installer is no longer truncated at 125% DPI

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