SQL Source Control 7

View source control history

 You can view history for databases linked to Git, SVN or TFS.

To view history for other source control systems, use your source control client's history feature.

To view the revision history of a database or database object, in the Object Explorer, right-click the database or object and click View history:

The History dialog box opens:

The History dialog box shows:

  • each database revision in source control (Git or SVN revision or TFS changeset)
  • the author, date, and comment associated with each commit
  • which objects changed in each commit
  • the SQL differences for each object (before and after)

You can use the History dialog box to get a specific version of the database.

You can't view history information for databases linked to source control using command line support.

Branching and history

If you're on a branch, the History dialog will show the history for that branch only.

Changing the number of revisions shown

You can change the number of revisions shown in the History dialog box by editing a config file. If the History dialog box is slow to load, limiting the number of revisions shown might speed it up. For more information, see Change how many revisions are shown in the History dialog box.

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