SQL Source Control 6

Get the latest version

If you're using a shared database, you never need to get the latest version. The shared database is always up to date with everyone's changes. For more information about shared database development, see Teams using the shared model.

If an object has a more recent source control version than the version currently in the database, you can get that version on the Get latest tab:

To get the latest version of an object:

  1. On the Get latest tab, select the objects you want to update to the latest version.
  2. Click Get latest.
    A progress dialog box is displayed while SQL Source Control updates the database.

The database is updated to the latest version.

You can also get the latest version by right-clicking an object, folder, or database in the Object Explorer, and clicking Get latest changes from source control. You are taken to the Get latest tab, where the objects you clicked are selected.

If you're using Git

If you're using Git, to get the latest changes from source control, you need to pull changes from the remote repository.

To do this:

  1. On the Get latest tab, click Pull from remote repository.
    Any changes from the remote repository are pulled to your local repository. 
  2. Click Apply changes to database.
    The changes from the local repository are deployed to the database.

If you're using a working folder

If you're using a working folder, to get changes into the repository, you need to pull using your own source control system, then apply the changes in SQL Source Control using the Get Latest tab.

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