SQL Source Control 7

Getting started

If you're evaluating SQL Source Control, you might be interested in the walkthrough How to try out SQL Source Control, which shows you the process of using SQL Source Control.

To learn how to use SQL Source Control as part of a team, see SQL Source Control for teams.

To get started:

  1. Install SQL Source Control.
  2. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
    SQL Source Control opens in a tab inside SSMS. 
  3. Link a database to source control
    This can be linking a database to source control for the first time.
    Or, for a database that's already being source-controlled elsewhere, connect a blank database to the existing repository.
  4. Commit changes
    If you linked the database to source control for the first time, you need to commit all the objects in the database.
    Once this initial commit has been done, commit individual changes. 
  5. Get the latest version
    If you linked to an existing repository that's already source-controlling a database, use Get Latest to retrieve the objects from that repository.


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