SQL Prompt 6

SQL Prompt 6.5 release notes

March 26th, 2015

Tab coloring

You can now:

  • customize the environments and colors:
  • color tabs based on the server and/or database
  • view colored servers/databases on a page in the Options dialog box:
  • view environment colors by right-clicking tabs, or by right-clicking servers or databases in the Object Explorer and the Registered Servers windows 
  • color server groups by right-clicking the group in the Registered Servers window

There are also some behavior changes:

  • tabs and windows remain colored even if a query is undocked
  • non-query windows are now colored (eg the table designer)

For more information, see Coloring query tabs.


The GROUP BY suggestions list now shows non-aggregated columns and expressions at the start. It also now contains the suggestion All non-aggregated columns, which expands to all the non-aggregated columns and expressions:

The ORDER BY suggestions list now shows DESC and ASC at the top:

Import/export all options

You can now import and export all your SQL Prompt options using the buttons at the bottom of the Options dialog box:

SQLCMD mode support

SQL Prompt now supports SQLCMD mode:

  • SQLCMD variables resolve to their base objects
  • You can format SQLCMD scripts, and other SQL Prompt features also work with SQLCMD
  • SQL Prompt suggests local, environment, and VisualStudio SQLCMD variables
  • You can rename SQLCMD variables by pressing F2 (see Renaming scripted objects)
  • You can use :r and :out to open a browse dialog box

Format actions

You can now choose what will happen when you run Format SQL by going to Format > Actions in the Options dialog box:

 You can now run Format SQL to add square brackets to all identifiers.

Format SQL now inserts semicolons by default.

Other improvements

  • You can now close all tabs that haven't changed since they were opened by right-clicking a tab and clicking Close All Unmodified:
  • When you write cross-database queries, the suggestions list now shows database objects as well as schemas: 

    If you select an object, SQL Prompt auto-completes the schema.
  • SQL Prompt no longer swallows closing parentheses unless they're superfluous
  • You can now rename temporary tables and columns within them by pressing F2 (see Renaming scripted objects)
  • SQL Prompt now shows useful keywords at the top of suggestions lists. For example, SELECT is shown above SAVE
  • SQL Prompt now suggests new syntax when connected to Azure SQL Database v12 databases

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