SQL Packager 7

SQL Packager 5.2 release notes

June 29th, 2006 

Bug fixes: 

  • Updated help 
  • Fixed problem when reading case-sensitive computed columns 
  • Fixed scripting issue when attempting to revoke permissions on newly built function 
  • Fixed "Specified Cast is not valid" exception when users do not have full permissions 
  • Fixed problem where occasionally an "index outside the bounds of the array" exception was thrown when reading CLR objects 
  • Fixed problem where if the “ignore constraint and index names” option was enabled objects could be missing from the synchronisation 
  • Fixed problem where if a constraint’s object text was greater than 4000 characters a duplicate object would be detected. 
  • TYPE COLUMN options now work correctly with varbinary(max) 
  • Calls to sp_addrolemember are now unicode compliant 
  • Context sensitive help nolonger throws an unhandled exception when running under .NET2 
  • Fixed problem where SQL Compare attempted to generate XML indexes on SQL2000 databases 
  • Fixed problem with UDTs and Indexed views 
  • No longer attempts to do invalid casts of alias types 
  • SQL Packager no longer includes data when the table schema is deselected 
  • Indexed Views are now displayed correctly 
  • Fixed problem when loading an old project, deselected tables were reselected 
  • It is now possible to disable the "Include Indexed views" option 
  • Added basic support for pre & post SQL scripts 

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