SQL Packager 7

SQL Packager 7.0 release notes

July 17th, 2013

New features

Support for SQL Server 2012 and SQL Azure databases.


  • SPA-493, SPA-577 and SPA-582 - Bug fixes from SQL Data Compare have been incorporated. 
  • SPA-503 - Content of readme.txt generated as part of C# project has been updated. 
  • SPA-535 - Improved error message returned when the user has insufficient permissions to create a new database.
  • SPA-602 - SQL Server 2012 compatibility level is now available in Extra Package Info.
  • SPA-607 - It is now possible to run an upgrade .EXE for SQL Server 2012 databases against a SQL Azure database.
  • SPA-617 - When running a package of a database that contains FileTables, SQL Packager sets up appropriate filestreams in the database being created or upgraded.
  • SPA-624 - Links from the GUI open in your default browser.

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