SQL Test

SQL Test 1.6 release notes

Version 1.6.1 - 12th September 2016  


  • Updated Redgate Client library (RGC-246)

Version 1.6.0 - 29th August 2016 


  • New login based licensing: see https://www.red-gate.com/user-licensing for more details
  • Added new context menu items Expand All / Collapse All to databases and test classes
  • Links in test messages are now clickable 


  • Updated feature usage reporting library
  • Latest UI components, uses a more legible font on the menu
  • The SA dialog now occurs only once for (per interection) the following connection issues (SQT-384, SQT-439, SQT-388, SQT-445, SQT-449, SQT-393 and SQT-450)
  • Improved SSMS stability by reducing pre-cached optimization
  • No longer lets you attempt to add a test after framework installation failure via Object Explorer context menu item 'New Test...'
  • SQT-383 - correctly handles SSMS reporting an empty database name
  • SQT-386 - correctly handles unexpected connection closure while fetching test framework install status
  • SQT-484 - Loading the tree view is now done on demand (on expanding each database). This will improve initial load time when there are many tests

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