SQL Test 2

SQL Test 2.0 release notes

Version - 5th December 2017 


  • Bulk uninstaller improvements

Version - 4th December 2017 


  • Bulk uninstaller integration

Version - 29th November 2017


  • TBI-406, TBI-408: Fresh installs could cause other products such as SQL Doc to not start correctly, either with a missing assembly error (TBI-406) or "invalid addin" (TBI-408).
  • The product usage telemetry no longer writes to the event log repeatedly if it is unable to contact Redgate.

Version - 17th November 2017


  • SQT-576: Installing tSQLt to a database no longer executes an ALTER DATABASE command when TRUSTWORTHY is already set to ON.

Version - 30th October 2017 


  • Documentation menu item now opens the correct URL

Version - 26th October 2017 


  • tSQLt framework now installs on SQL Server 2017

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