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The information on this page applies to several Redgate products.

To deactivate a Redgate product, your computer must have an internet connection. 

Using the user interface

To deactivate your products:

  1. On the Help menu of the product, click Manage my license. For some products you will need to click Deactivate serial number, if this is the case please jump to step 4 below.

  2. The License information screen shows the product name, version number, and edition.

  3. Click Deactivate.

  4. The Deactivate serial number screen shows the serial number and products that have been activated with it. If the serial number is for a bundle, all the products in the bundle are shown.

  5. Select the serial number you want to deactivate and click Deactivate serial number.

When your deactivation has been successful, the product will close down. You can now use this serial number on a different computer.

If there's a problem with your deactivation request, an error is shown. For information about deactivation errors and how to resolve them, see Troubleshooting licensing and activation errors.

Using the deactivation tool

Download the deactivation tool

You can use the deactivation tool to deactivate a serial number so you can reuse it on another computer. You can also use it to deactivate serial numbers for products you've uninstalled but didn't deactivate before doing so.

If you're running the executable file, the dialog box shows all the serial numbers for Redgate products that have been activated on your computer. If the serial number is for a bundle, all the products in the bundle are shown under Associated products.

Deactivating using the command line

Open a command prompt, navigate to the folder where your product executable file is located and run a command with the following syntax:

<productEXE> /deactivateSerial

For example:

sqlcompare /deactivateSerial

The Deactivate Serial Numbers dialog box is displayed. Follow the instructions above for Using the user interface.

Using the license management portal

If you have activated products with a Redgate ID, a license administrator can remotely deactivate those products from the license management portal on the Redgate website. In most cases, the administrator is the person who purchased the product.

To deactivate via the portal:

1. The license administrator logs in to their account on the Redgate website.
2. On the My Products summary page, click on the product or serial you want to deactivate.
3. On the product detail page the list of identified users is displayed:

4. Next to the user that you want to deactivate, click remove, then confirm the removal when prompted.  The product is deactivated, and its activation is freed up to use again.

5. You can now activate the product on a different computer.

Moving a product license to a different computer

To move a product license to a different computer, deactivate the serial number on the old computer, then use it to activate the product on the new computer.

If you are having problems activating a product on a new computer you can log in to your account on the Redgate website. There are two ways to help you, depending on the product and version you are using:

  • free up a license by removing a user who is no longer using the product

  • enable an extra activation for your serial number

You may need to contact your license administrator if you aren't the person who bought the product.

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