DLM Automation

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DLM Automation provides continuous integration and automated deployment for your SQL databases. You can perform continuous integration tasks, such as validating a database schema, running tSQLt tests, syncing to another database, and building and publishing a database package. 

You can control DLM Automation using a PowerShell module or by using add-ons for build or release management tools: 

DLM Automation PowerShell module

The DLM Automation PowerShell module is a set of PowerShell cmdlets you can use to set up continuous delivery. There are also cmdlets for automating deployment.

DLM Automation cmdlets offer versatility. You can combine them to build up a script that fits your processes. You can run these manually or from PowerShell steps in your build server or release management tool. 

To learn more, see Get started with the DLM Automation cmdlets.

Switching from SQL CI

The DLM Automation PowerShell module replaces all the functions of SQL CI command line. You can use it to set up the equivalent of the SQL CI Build, Test, Sync and Publish commands. For more information, see Switch from SQL CI command line to PowerShell.

DLM Automation add-ons 

If you prefer the ease of a user interface, you can download free add-ons for your build server or release management tool. Currently, there are add-ons for TeamCity, Team Foundation Server, Visual Studio Team Services, Jenkins, Bamboo and Octopus Deploy.

To learn more, and to download add-ons, see the DLM Automation add-ons.

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