DLM Automation

What's happened to SQL CI?

In DLM Automation 1.5, SQL CI was replaced by the DLM Automation PowerShell module.

The PowerShell module provides a set of cmdlets that can perform the same continuous integration as SQL CI. The cmdlets offer greater flexibility than SQL CI, and also allow you to set up automated deployment of your databases. 

SQL CI add-ons

If you were using one of the SQL CI add-ons for your build server and have upgraded to DLM Automation 1.5 or later, there's no need to do anything. All SQL CI add-ons will still work in DLM Automation 1.5 and later.

SQL CI command line

The SQL CI command line in still available in DLM Automation 1.5 (see the SQL CI command line reference). However, it's no longer being developed. We recommend you switch to using the DLM Automation cmdlets to take advantage of new features and future development. 

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