DLM Automation

Using the publish command

To run the SQL CI command line publish step, use this syntax:

sqlCI.exe Publish /package=<value1> /nugetFeedUrl=<value2> 


sqlCI.exe Publish /package=WidgetShop\Database\Output\WidgetShop.1.0.nupkg /nugetFeedUrl=http://nugetfeedmachinename:8081/nuget/

Here are details of all the publish command switches:



The path to the package that was created in the build step.




The fully-qualified URL for your NuGet feed. If your are using SQL Release and Octopus Deploy, this is the URL for Octopus Deploy with /nuget/packages added to the end.



 /nugetFeedApiKey (optional)

The API key for your NuGet feed.



If you are using a public NuGet feed, the API key is not required.

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