Data Masker 6

About Split Partition Manager Rules (Oracle Only)

This documentation is only suitable for Data Masker for Oracle.

Partition manager rules allow Data Masker to rules to be run in parallel across each partition of a partitioned table. Data Masker will automatically find a table's partitions at run time.

Creating a partition manager rule

Partition manager rules cannot be created directly. To create a rule that utilizes the partition manager, you must first create a rule that supports being run over multiple partitions. These are:

  • Substitution rule
  • XML masker rule
  • Row-internal sync rule

To convert from a regular rule to a partition manager rule, select the "Change Members" tab and click "Convert to Split Partition Mgr. Rule". The original rule becomes a template to run against each partition.

Reverting to a regular rule from a partition manager rule

Partition manager rules can be reverted to regular rules by editing the partition manager rule and clicking "Undo Partition Split" from its edit window.

Editing a partition managers template rule

A partition manager's template rules cannot be edited directly. To make changes to the template rule, first revert it to a regular rule.

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