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Adopting Database DevOps can sometimes take a while and be a difficult business transformation.

ReadyRoll is a tool designed to make Database DevOps easier to adopt.

Furthermore, because the ReadyRoll components can be adopted incrementally, you can adopt Database DevOps practices at a pace you're happy with.

ReadyRoll consists of 3 components:

1. Visual Studio extension

The ReadyRoll Visual Studio extension lets you:

  • easily create migration scripts for database changes
  • deploy those migrations to a development database as part of a Visual Studio build
  • validate the migration scripts
  • source control the migration scripts so they can be used by team members as well as the build components

See: InstallGetting started

2. Build components

The ReadyRoll build components depend on the migration scripts created by the Visual Studio extension.

The ReadyRoll build components work with any continuous integration server (eg, VSTS/TFS, TeamCity, Jenkins, Bamboo, etc), and let you:

  • build the database alongside an application as part of a continuous integration process
  • validate the migration scripts
  • run tSQLt tests, integration tests, etc
  • create a package used by the release components

See: Install | Getting started

3. Release components

The ReadyRoll release components depend on the packages created by the build components.

The ReadyRoll release components work with any release server (eg, VSTS/TFS, Octopus Deploy, Bamboo, etc), and let you:

  • preview database changes before they are deployed
  • automate deployments of database changes, alongside application changes

See: Install | Getting started

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