SmartAssembly 6

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About SmartAssembly

SmartAssembly enables you to perform a range of improvement and protection operations on your software, and set up error reporting.

SmartAssembly can be used with Windows Forms applications, console applications, and DLL libraries, created with .NET (versions 2.0 to 4.7.2). SmartAssembly will only work on managed code.

For more information, see the SmartAssembly product page.

For a list of features that are included in each edition of SmartAssembly, see Features and editions.

Quick start guide

  1. When your application is compiled and ready to ship, create a new project in SmartAssembly. (ASP.NET applications must be pre-compiled.)
  2. Set up the options you need.
  3. Build a new application with SmartAssembly that includes the selected features.
  4. If needed, integrate SmartAssembly with MSBuild, or use the command line options to use SmartAssembly with other build processes.

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