SmartAssembly 6

Using JET databases is not possible in 64-bit applications

The error message 'Using JET databases is not possible in 64-bit applications' may be displayed after invoking SmartAssembly from MSBuild or TFS running on a 64-bit computer. 


MSBuild/TFS is running as a 64-bit application, and so also starts SmartAssembly as a 64-bit application. JET databases (.mdb files) can be queried only from 32-bit applications and so SmartAssembly cannot update its database.

How to fix

If you are affected by this problem, you can either:

  • switch to a Microsoft SQL Server database (see Configuring reporting on multiple computers)
  • install SmartAssembly into the %ProgramFilesx86% directory (normally c:\program files (x86)\).
    This will cause SmartAssembly to run in the Windows-On-Windows emulator as a 32-bit application.

If you continue to experience problems, please contact Redgate support.

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