SQL Backup 7

Restoring backups

SQL Backup Pro provides a wizard to guide you through the process of Restoring Backups. To start the Restore wizard, click  Restore, or in the Activity History, right click the backup and click Restore.

The Restore wizard comprises the following steps:

Step 1:Select the SQL Server you want to restore to and the backup files to use. If necessary, enter the passwords for encrypted backups.
Step 2:Specify the destination database and the location of the database files.
Step 3:Configure your settings for restoring the backups.
Step 4:Review the restore summary and script, and start the restore process.

Restoring individual database objects

If you want to restore individual objects from a SQL Backup Pro .sqb file, use SQL Object Level Recovery Pro. This application, included with SQL Backup Pro, can recover individual objects to a database, with potentially large savings in time and disk space. For more information, see Object level recovery.

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