SQL Compare 14

Changes to distribution of command line

From SQL Compare, the licensing model for the SQL Compare command line has changed. You can now buy a SQL Change Automation license (available as part of the SQL Toolbelt) which lets you use all Redgate's command line tools as part of an automated process. For more information, see SQL Change Automation and SQL Toolbelt.

The previous method of distributing the command line version of SQL Compare can no longer be used.

How does this affect my licensing?

If you are distributing the command line version to use with your own custom application (or you were previously distributing the command line), please contact our Sales team for assistance. You can then obtain the SQL Change Automation license that is required to run the distributed command line version of SQL Compare.

Does that mean my Professional version of SQL Compare will no longer allow me to use the command line?

No. The SQL Compare Professional license still allows you to run the command line on your own machine. However, a SQL Change Automation license (available as part of SQL Toolbelt) is needed for deploying the command line to machines which are not your own, such as build servers. To cover such a case, everyone contributing to this automated process needs to be covered by their own SQL Toolbelt license.

When running the command line version of SQL Compare, I see a message that the Automation license is a trial version. What does this mean?

This means that you are not licensed for Automation, which will prevent you from running the command line version of SQL Compare after the trial date ends, unless you have activated a Professional license for SQL Compare or SQL Toolbelt.

How do I activate the new SQL Change Automation license?

Once you have received the proper Automation license required, you can activate the license on the machine that will be running the command line version of SQL Compare by executing the following command:

> sqlcompare.exe /activateSerial: 123-123-123456-1234
This will generate the appropriate .lic file on the machine that will be running SQL Compare at command line.

Which files are needed to distribute the command line version of SQL Compare?

From SQL Compare, the following files are required to distribute the command line:

  • SQLCompare.exe
  • SQLCompare.exe.config
  • RedGate.SOCCompareInterface.dll
  • RedGate.BackupReader.CryptoHelper.dll
  • LinqBridge.dll
  • LinqBridge-License.txt
  • RedGate.SOCCompareInterface.dll
  • System.Data.SQLite.dll (which should be placed in the SQLite folder)
  • Zlib1.dll

From SQL Compare 11.4.2, you'll also require these files:

  • LibGit2Sharp-RedGate.dll
  • NGit.dll
  • NSch.dll
  • Sharpen.dll
  • Mono.Security.dll
  • ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll
  • x86\git2-91fa31f.dll
  • x64\git2-91fa31f.dll

For information about earlier builds, see Integrating the command line with applications.

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