SQL Compare 12

Exit codes used in the command line

If a task you are performing with the SQL Compare command line interface fails, and you do not see an error message explaining the reason for the failure, you may see one of the exit codes listed below:

0 - Success

1 - General error code

3 - Illegal argument duplication

Some arguments must not appear more than once in a command line.

8 - Unsatisfied argument dependency

There is an unsatisfied argument dependency or violated exclusion when the command line is run. For example:

  • /arg2 depends on /arg1 but you have specified /arg2 without specifying /arg1
  • /arg2 can't be used with /arg1 but you have used both

32 - Value out of range

The numeric value supplied for an argument is outside the range of valid values for that argument.

33 - Value overflow

The value supplied for an argument is too large.

34 - Invalid value

The value supplied for an argument is invalid.

35 - Invalid license

Software license or trial period has expired.

61 - Deployment warnings

SQL Compare encountered serious warnings that apply to the deployment.

If you're using SQL Compare, you can ignore these warnings by specifying /AbortOnWarnings:None

If you're using SQLCI, you can ignore these warnings by specifying /additionalCompareArgs=/AbortOnWarnings:None

For more information about /AbortOnWarnings, see Switches used in the command line.

62 - High level parser error

SQL Compare encountered high level errors when parsing a scripts folder.

To force SQL Compare to continue without exiting, use /IgnoreParserErrors

The Error Parsing Scripts dialog box in the SQL Compare graphical user interface provides additional information to help you resolve script parser errors.

63 - Databases identical

The databases being compared are identical or no objects have been included.

To suppress this error use /Include:Identical

64 - Command line usage error

The command line was used incorrectly. For example, an incorrect flag, or incorrect syntax may have been used.

65 - Data error

Data required by SQL Compare is invalid or corrupt.

69 - Resource unavailable

A resource or service required to run SQL Compare is unavailable.

70 - An unhandled exception occurred

See the log for more details.

73 - Failed to create report

The report was not created.

74 - I/O error

This is returned if SQL Compare attempts to write to a file that already exists, and the /force switch has not been set.

77 - Insufficient permission

The action can't be completed because the user does not have the necessary permission.

79 - Databases not identical

This is returned when the /assertidentical switch is used and the source and target are not identical.

126 - SQL Server error

Execution failed because of an error.

130 - Ctrl-Break

Execution stopped because of a Ctrl-Break.

400 - Bad request

The command line arguments can't be executed. For example, you may have provided two mutually exclusive switches.

402 - Not licensed

There is no acceptable license. If you have one, use /activateSerial:<SerialKey>. If you don't have a license, please contact sales@red-gate.com for a either a trial extension key or to purchase a license.

499 - Activation cancelled by user

Activation was cancelled because the cancel button was pressed during the process.

500 - Unhandled exception

An unhandled exception occurred. The exception message and stack trace will be included in the output.

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