SQL Compare 14

Working with SQL Change Automation projects

With SQL Compare, you can compare a SQL Change Automation project with other data sources. For example, you could use this to compare two different revisions of your SQL Change Automation project.

You can only compare SQL Change Automation projects with SQL Compare Professional Edition.

Creating a SQL Change Automation project

For details on creating and working with SQL Change Automation projects, see the SQL Change Automation documentation.

SQL Compare will use the Offline Schema Model and Programmable Objects folders as the comparison source. SQL Compare will not run any migration scripts or pre and post-deployment scripts contained within the project.

Known Limitations

  • SQL Compare does not run migration scripts and should only be used for comparisons. It is strongly recommended that you deploy to target databases using SQL Change Automation rather than through SQL Compare.
  • Collation settings for SQL Change Automation projects are usually specified in a pre-script which will not be run by SQL Compare. In order to set the collation that SQL Compare will use for the SQL Change Automation project you can add the following property to the .sqlproj file.

  • The DeployChangesSubFolder, SchemaModelSubFolder and DatabaseObjectFilterPath properties in the .sqlproj file must not contain MSBuild properties.
  • SQL Compare does not support specifying custom object types for the contents of the Programmable Objects and Offline Schema Model folders if the types are duplicated between the two folders.

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