SQL Change Automation 3

Automated deployment with SQL Change Automation Core

SQL Change Automation Core doesn't support the PowerShell build and release components. However, it's still possible to build SQL Change Automation projects from the command line using MSBuild, and deploy them by directly using the build artifacts produced by SQL Change Automation using PowerShell. This means a degree of automation is still possible with the Core edition, but it will involve manually setting processes already provided by the build and release components.

These pages explain how to set up automated deployments using just the Core edition.

SQLCMD package deployments

Build once, and deploy many times using this portable package file format. During build, all of your migrations are combined into a single .SQL file, allowing you to upgrade your databases whether they be on co-located servers or hosted externally.

To deploy, you will need to install the sqlcmd Utility on the machine. You can also deploy the package using SQL Server Management Studio.

See SQLCMD Package Deployments for more information.

Octopus deploy

See Using Octopus Deploy with SQL Change Automation Core for more information.

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