SQL Data Generator 4

SQL Data Generator 4.0 release notes

Version - 4th September 2018


  • SDG-1264 Redundant "RowCount" attribute in .sqlgen file removed

Version - 22nd May 2018


Version - 1st May 2018


  • Now respects the value of the "Trust server certificate" checkbox in SSMS

  • Various SSMS integration fixes

Version - 23rd March 2018


  • Fix for an installer bug

Version - 22nd March 2018


  • SDG-1257: "Use existing data source" now passes through datetimeoffset column values

Version - 21st February 2018


  • Allow the Credit Card Number generator for bigint columns.


  • Improve help text describing options of the Foreign Key generator

  • SDG-1239: Fixed crash if product is installed to, or started from, top level directory in file system
  • SDG-1252: The command line executable now displays the correct major version number in its file description
  • Bulk uninstaller improvements

Version - 29th November 2017


  • Documentation menu item now opens the correct URL

  • Added 'run script' button to Python generator to make it easier to re-generate the data

  • TBI-406 Fixes installer issue with missing Prompt assembly

  • TBI-408 Fixes installer issue with "invalid addin"

  • Product Usage telemetry no longer repeatedly writes to the event log if unable to call Redgate.

Version - 27th October 2017


  • Help links from product now go to the correct documentation version

Version - 26th October 2017 


  • Updated SQL Compare Engine to, which allows you to see SQL 2017 tables
  • We now allow sorting on the Populate, Name and Description columns, so you can quickly find your selected tables in a large project.
  • Generation into graph node tables is now supported.


  • SDG-1195: The Python generator code editor no longer interrupts code editing to update generated data.

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