Web Server: general requirements

In choosing a suitable Web Server for a production installation of SQL Monitor, consider the following requirements:

High-speed connection to its Base Monitor if it's on a different machine, over secure RPC, to collect the monitoring data, authenticate users and other tasks. 

  • Slow communication with a Base Monitor will be a limiting factor in the overall performance of the monitoring system.  SeeHardware and performance guidelines for more details.
  • If the Base Monitor machine in a different domain, you will need to ensure port 7399 is open in the firewall.
  • It is important to get a robust hardware and software installation because you will not be able to log in to the web front-end if its associated Base Monitor cannot be reached. 

Accessibility by any PC or device from which you want view the SQL Monitor Web interface

  • The web interface uses JavaScript, so make sure JavaScript is enabled in your web browser. 

IIS Web Server (IIS 7.0 or later), or the default SQL Monitor Web Server

  • For monitoring busy production servers, it is best to configure your own IIS server with SSL.
    • The IIS web service is called the World Wide Web Publishing Service. 
    • Details for setting up an IIS Server can be found on: Installing SQL Monitor on IIS.
  • For light traffic, you can install the default SQL Monitor Web Server, a self-contained server that uses the .NET 4.7.2 runtime.
    • The SQL Monitor Web Server service is called SQL Monitor Web Service.

Other hardware and software requirements:

  • Should always be switched on.
  • Uses about 350MB of space.
  • Must be running currently-supported support versions of Windows and of .NET. See Supported platforms for details.

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