This wait is very common if you’re dealing with a tape backup system. However, if you’re backing up to a networked resource of any kind, you may also see this wait. It could be that:

  • your network is suffering from latency. Latency can occur if the network resource you’re backing up is in a physically distant location, with the distance travelled causing the problem.

  • high load exists on your network.

  • there’s some sort of slow down on the networked storage to which you’re running your backup.

Investigate your tape system

If you are running a tape backup system and are experiencing excessive wait times of this type, ensure that it is configured correctly and has the latest service packs installed.

Investigate your network

  • Use ping to determine general latency between systems.

  • Check for network configuration issues which may lead to high latency between systems.

  • Make sure your network interface cards (NICs) are configured correctly.

  • You may need to add additional NICs and split your backup into multiple files through the new NICs.

  • Consider separating your access and backup network physically through different switches.

Investigate network storage

  • Check that the networked storage is configured correctly.

  • See if the network storage is itself under load, causing waits on writes for your backup.

  • Test the network for general latency due to load or distance. See sys.dm_io_virtual_file_stats (MSDN).

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