SQL Monitor 5

Choosing the web server

The SQL Monitor web interface displays data about your SQL Servers. The interface is installed on the machine you run the SQL Monitor installer on, and is accessed in your web browser.

The web interface is hosted on a web server. You can either:

  • install the default SQL Monitor web server, a self-contained server that uses the .NET 3.5 SP1 runtime, or 
  • configure your own IIS server (requires IIS6 or later)

You select this on the Choose web server page in the SQL Monitor installer:

Web interface requirements

The SQL Monitor web interface uses JavaScript. Make sure JavaScript is enabled in your web browser.

If you have performance issues, try switching to a different supported browser.

Web server requirements

The web server:

  • should always be switched on
  • uses about 50MB of space
  • must be accessible by any PC or device you want view the SQL Monitor interface from, and must be able to connect to the monitoring service. Make sure your firewalls are configured to allow access to it

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