WMI over WinRM

Port 5986 must be enabled on the monitored server for WinRM to function. See How to configure WinRM for HTTPS.

Once WinRM is set up, to connect to a machine using WinRM, edit the windows connection properties and select WinRM:

Troubleshooting WinRM

If Monitor is unable to connect via WinRM, you can test the connection through the following powershell:

# Enter machine monitoring credentials. 
#  These should be the same as the base monitor service account if
#  no machine credentials are specified for the machine in SQL Monitor
$credentials = Get-Credential

$cimoptions = New-CimSessionOption -UseSsl -SkipRevocationCheck -SkipCACheck -SkipCNCheck

$session = New-CimSession -Credential $credentials -SessionOption $cimoptions -Port 5986 -ComputerName "winrmtester.testnet.red-gate.com"

Get-CimInstance -CimSession $session -ClassName Win32_ComputerSystem

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