SQL Monitor 9

Adding servers on a different network from your base monitor

You can use SQL Monitor to monitor servers on a different network from your base monitor, for example those hosted on Azure or Amazon EC2.

Certain firewall requirements must be met before you can do this. If you want to monitor clusters, you also need to set up DNS.

You will also need to make sure that WMI traffic is accessible, for this you can use either WinRM (currently in Beta) or DCOM.

Subject to these requirements, SQL Monitor can monitor machines in different domains even when there is no trust relationship between them.


If your base monitor is in a different region from your monitored servers (eg if it's in America and you're monitoring servers in Asia), you might experience latency. Depending on the impact of the latency, it might be useful to set up a base monitor in the same region as the servers you're monitoring.


Please see the testing data collection methods page to troubleshoot any connectivity problems you may be having. 

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