SQL Source Control 5

SQL Source Control 5.7 release notes

Before you update, here are a few things you should know:

The new migrations solution replaces all previous versions

Migration scripts created using previous versions of SQL Source Control won't be compatible with SQL Source Control 5. To make sure any existing migration scripts aren't lost, see Upgrading from old versions of migration scripts before you update to SQL Source Control 5.

To deploy SQL Source Control 5 migration scripts using SQL Compare, you'll need SQL Compare version 11.6 or greater.

The following version control systems are no longer supported:

The following SQL Server versions are no longer supported:

  • SQL Server 2005 (all versions). - June 30th, 2017


  • SOC-8862: SSMS no longer crashes with both SQL Source Control and SQL Prompt installed (fix for regression introduced in version 5.7.5)
  • SC-9496: Functions which depend on a UDT will no longer compare different when the function is read from a scripts folder and the UDT is missing from the scripts folder
  • SC-9493: SQL Source Control now correctly reads fields from indexes on a filetable when reading from a scripts folder
  • SC-9483: SQL Source Control remembers TEXTIMAGE_ON settings on a table in a non-default filegroup and doesn't default TEXTIMAGE_ON setting when deploying.
  • SC-9184: SQL Source Control now shows if an index is disabled on the SQL view, therefore showing differences that may have been previously visually hidden.
  • Drop and recreate PERSISTED computed columns when changes are found, rather than rebuilding their table.


In addition to the above fixes, version 5.7.6 rolls up all of the changes from frequent update versions 5.7.0 to 5.7.5 - if you want to receive these kinds of updates more quickly in future, you should turn on Frequent Updates - June 29th, 2017


Known Issues

  • SOC-8862: Having both SQL Source Control and SQL Prompt installed can cause SSMS to crash - June 22nd, 2017



  • SOC-8858: SQL Source Control no longer crashes SSMS with the message "The tree view's ImageList is dangerously big" (fix for regression introduced in version 5.7.3)

  • SOC-8855: Fixed comparison between two Git revisions when using SQL Compare.

  • SOC-8850: Fixed an error when browsing to an SVN or Git location from SQL Compare

  • SOC-7359: SQL Source Control no longer throws an exception when a git repository folder is not available.

  • SOC-8798: SQL Source Control now displays a clearer message in the commit and get latest tabs when there is no database selected.

  • SC-9455: SQL Source Control now produces the correct existence check when renaming a table and moving it between schemas.

  • SC-9403: SQL Source Control no longer leaves duplicate NOCHECK statements when deploying to scripts folders

  • SC-9271: When an error occurs updating or dropping an extended property the current transaction will now be rolled back

  • SC-9429: When rebuilding a temporal table, SQL Source Control no longer scripts out the HIDDEN property or default constraints on the new history table.

  • SC-9443: SQL Source Control now correctly scripts out DATA_COMPRESSION on temporal and memory-optimized tables

  • SC-9476: SQL Source Control now handles index drops correctly while disabling SYSTEM_VERISONING.

  • SC-9440: SQL Source Control can now register multiple XML indexes on a single table with several selective XML indexes per index - June 20th, 2017


Known Issues

  • SOC-8858: SQL Source Control crashes SSMS with the message "The tree view's ImageList is dangerously big" - June 5th, 2017


Known Issues

  • SOC-8850: Attempting to link to an SVN repository (or a Git location via SQL Compare) can crash with the error 'Unable to find a RedGate.ssc file...' - May 23rd, 2017



  • SOC-8803: Options and filters are now correctly picked up when linking to an existing SQL Source Control repository. - May 16th, 2017


Supported platform changes


  • SOC-7671, 7694: Fixed intermittent "Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute." error that could occur while refreshing the Commit or Get Latest tabs.

  • SOC-8809: SQL Source Control no longer exports the .git directory when exporting for use in SQL Compare.

  • SC-9401: SQL Source Control now accepts the 'CREATE OR ALTER' syntax introduced in SQL Server 2016 SP1

  • SC-9441: SQL Source Control now accepts SET syntax where a property on a CLR user-defined type is being set



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