SQL Prompt 7

Importing and exporting styles

If you have saved your code formatting options as a style, you can share that style with other people in your organization by exporting it.

To export a style

SQL Prompt exports the style as a single file with a .sqlpromptstyle extension.

  1. Set all the formatting options that you want:
    On the SQL Prompt Options dialog box, use the options on the various Format pages to lay out the code the way you want it. Select the Current Query tab to preview how the code currently in your SQL editor would be laid out using these settings.
  2. On the Format > Styles page, click Export.
  3. Browse to where you want to store the file and click Save.

To import a style

  1. In the Format > Styles page, select Import from the Style drop-down list:
  2. Browse to the folder where the .sqlpromptstyle file is located, then click Open.
  3. All the format options will be updated. Your code will not be formatted until you click OK to close the SQL Prompt Options dialog box and then apply the style.

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