Data Masker 6

About Datasets

Datasets provide data values for Substitution, InsertionSearch and replace, XML masker, JSON Masker and Row-Internal Synchronization rules. The datasets associated with the columns defined in the rule indicate which type of data will be entered into the specified target table and column. A wide variety of datasets (see below) are available to provide a range of realistic looking data.

For example, a column containing customer last names could be "Masked" by implementing a Substitution rule on it using the Names, Surnames, Random dataset. When the Substitution rule is executed as part of the run of the masking set, random last names would be generated and substituted in for each real customer last name. Thus the true last name of the customer would be hidden (preserving privacy and security) but the remaining data would still be referentially relevant and usable as a test system.

A dataset is associated with the target tables column when the rule is created and can be changed at any time simply by editing the rule.

Datasets have options which provide further configuration information. Each dataset offers configuration options specific to its requirements. For example, the Dates, Random dataset offers the ability to set the starting and ending points of the date range.

The datasets are installed when the Data Masker software is installed. By default the datasets are stored in a directory named DataSets located below the Data Masker installation directory. The location of this directory can be changed through the use of the configuration options on the Misc. Setup Tab.

Overview of Datasets at Redgate University

See the What are DataSets, and can I make my own? module for a quick demo of where to find and use the built-in datasets, and how to create your own.

User Defined Datasets

If there is a requirement for a specific set of replacement data that is unavailable in the standard datasets it is quite possible to construct your own dataset. All that is required is to place a simple text file (with a special naming convention) in the datasets directory. Please see the User Defined Datasets help page for more information on how to build your own datasets.

Correlated Datasets

Most datasets generate only one replacement value each time, however, some datasets have the ability to generate a group of correlated replacement values. When we apply the dataset to multiple columns in a table, each group of replacement values will be applied together to a row, so that the relationship in multiple columns within the same row can be maintained.

A typical example of correlated datasets is correlated address, such as 'US Zipcodes with State, County and Town'. In the dataset, each group of correlated values represents a geographically valid address. It is possible to use this dataset on multiple address columns in a table and select the corresponding field for each column, so that the data in each row remains to be a valid address.

The Datasets

Listed below are the datasets currently available with the Data Masker software. More datasets are added all the time - and we are always interested in hearing new ideas. If you have a requirement which cannot be fulfilled by the datasets below please do let us know by emailing us at

ABN, Australian Business Number (AUS)

ACN, Australian Company Number (AUS)

Medicare Numbers (AUS)

States, Australian

TFN, Tax File Numbers (AUS)

Postcodes + State + Town, AUS

Bank Account Numbers (NL)

Bank Account Numbers (NZ)

Burgerservicenummer (NL)

Credit Card Numbers, AMEX

Credit Card Numbers, Diners

Credit Card Numbers, Discover

Credit Card Expiration Dates

Credit Card Numbers, MasterCard

Credit Card Numbers, VISA

Postcodes + Prov. + Town, CDN

Postcodes, Canadian

Provinces, Canadian

SIN Numbers (Canadian)

SIN Numbers (Canadian)

Counties (IE)

Colours (Random)

Company Names

CPF Numbers (BR)

CPNJ Numbers (BR)

CPR Numbers (DK)

Country Names

Departments (FR)

E-Mail Addresses (Random)

NIF Numbers, (ES)

File, Upload From Disk

Numbers, Floating Point (Random, as Text)

Numbers, Integer (formatted)

Names, First Names, Female (DE)

Names, First Names, Female

Names, First Names, Female (FR)

Names, First Names, Female (NL)

Names, First Names, Female (PT)

Names, First Names, Female (ES)

NIR Numbers, (FR)

Postcodes, FR

Telephone Numbers, (FR)

Vehicle Registrations (FR)

HKID Numbers (HK)

Numbers, Integer, Sequential (as Text)

TCP/IP Addresses

Names, Surnames, Random (DE)

Names, Surnames, Random (Large List)

Names, Surnames, Random (Short List)

Names, Surnames, Random (FR)

Names, Surnames, Random (NL)

Names, Surnames, Random (PT)

Names, Surnames, Random (ES)

Numbers, Luhn, Mod(10) (as text)

MAC/EUI-48 Addresses

Names, First Names, Male+Female

Names, First Names, Male+Female (DE)

Names, First Names, Male+Female (FR)

Names, First Names, Male+Female (NL)

Names, First Names, Male+Female (PT)

Names, First Names, Male+Female (ES)

Names, First Names, Male (DE)

Names, First Names, Male

Names, First Names, Male (FR)

Names, First Names, Male (NL)

Names, First Names, Male (PT)

Names, First Names, Male (ES)

Month Names

Names, First+Last, Female

Names, First+Last, Male

Names, First+Last, Male+Female

Nationalities (Random)

NHS Numbers

NIF Numbers (PT)

Postcodes, NL

Names, Last+First, Female

Names, Last+First, Male+Female

Names, Last+First, Male

NRIC Numbers (SG)

NULL Values


OHIP Numbers (Ontario)

Text, Paragraphs of Gibberish

PPS Numbers (IE)

Telephone Numbers, (North America)

Numbers, Integer (Random, as Text)

Text, Alpha-Numeric (Formatted)

Bit (Random)

Text, Dictionary Words

Names, First Names, Female (FR shortlist))

Names, Surnames, Random (FR shortlist))

Names, First Names, Male+Female (FR shortlist)

Names, First Names, Male (FR shortlist)

Street Addresses

Street Addresses (FR)

Street Addresses (IE)

Street Addresses (NL)

Names, Surname Suffixes

Names, Surname Titles (Short List)

Names, Surname Titles


Telephone Numbers, (AUS)

Telephone Numbers, (CDN)

Town/City Names

Town/City Names (AU)

Town/City Names (FR)

Town/City Names (IE)

Town/City Names (NL)

Bank Sort Codes (UK)

Counties (UK)

NI Numbers (UK)

Postcodes, UK (Invalid)

Postcodes + Town + County, UK

Telephone Numbers, (UK)

Vehicle Registrations (UK)

URL's (Uniform Resource Locator)

SSN Numbers, (USA)

Counties (USA)

User Defined Correlated Dataset File

User Defined Dataset File

Text, User Specified

State Names (US)

Zip Codes, US (Invalid)

Zip Codes + State + County + Town, USA

DateOffset Variance

Date Variance (Random), Text

Date Variance (Hash Key), Text

Date Variance (Hash Key)

Date Variance (Correlated)

Date Variance (Constant)

DateOffsets, Sequential

DateOffset, User Specified

DateOffsets, Random

Date Variance (Random)

Dates, Sequential

Dates, Sequential (as Text)

Date, User Specified

Numbers, User Specified

Numbers, Floating Point (Random)

Numbers, Integer, Sequential

Numbers, Luhn, Mod(10)

Number Variance

Numbers, Integer (Random)

Dates, Random

Dates, Random (as Text)

Random Dates

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