Deployment Suite for Oracle 6

Deployment Suite for Oracle

What is the Deployment Suite for Oracle?

The Deployment Suite for Oracle speeds up and simplifies Oracle database development and deployments.

It includes tools and capabilities that make it simple to compare and understand schemas and data differences, capture database changes in version control, deploy from your version control repository, and generate manual update scripts. You can also automate comparisons and deployments and include your Oracle databases in your DevOps process.

For more information about the Deployment Suite for Oracle, see the Deployment Suite for Oracle product page.

What's in the Deployment Suite for Oracle?


Schema Compare for Oracle

Compare, understand differences, and deploy Oracle schemas

Data Compare for OracleCompare, understand differences, and deploy data in your tables

Source Control for OracleVersion control your database using a state-based approach
The following capabilities are only available as part of the Deployment Suite for Oracle

Redgate Change ControlVersion control your database using a migrations-based approach

Change Automation ResourcesThe Deployment Suite for Oracle license provides entitlement for the change automation resources to be integrated into automated build and release processes. This unlocks the full benefit of Database DevOps, with practices such as continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Code Analysis for OracleCode analysis highlights potential issues, provides advice on best practices, and enforces naming conventions

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