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Getting started

To better understand Flyway, here is some more information to help

Getting started with Flyway

Why database migrations

Quickstart Guides

Thank you for downloading Flyway, there are a number of different ways to use Flyway, please choose the Quickstart guide below which bests fit your use case.

Quickstart - Flyway Desktop

Quickstart - Command-line

Quickstart - Docker

Quickstart - Maven

Quickstart - Gradle

Automate your deployments in a pipline

Once you are ready to automate your deployments we have a quick start guide to setting up a CI\CD pipeline using Flyway autopilot.

Quickstart - Flyway AutoPilot

Start a Trial

If you are ready to try out some of more advanced features, here is how you can start an in-product trial

Quickstart - Starting a Trial in Flyway Desktop

Quickstart - Starting a Trial in the Flyway CLI

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