SmartAssembly 7

Obfuscating your code with SmartAssembly

SmartAssembly allows you to obfuscate your code in many ways.

For maximum protection, you should enable as many of the different types of obfuscation as possible.

Protecting several assemblies without merging them

SmartAssembly creates one assembly at a time. If you want to obfuscate several assemblies without merging them, see Protecting several assemblies.


Your application may stop working if you apply some types of obfuscation at too high a level.

You may need to experiment with the appropriate options, and set up any exclusions, depending on your code. For guidance, see Troubleshooting after building.

SmartAssembly offers the following types of obfuscation:

The available features may depend on the type of assembly you have selected in your project.

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