SQL Compare 15

Using the command line on a service account in Windows

The SQL Compare command line can only be used as part of an automated CI/CD process if it's licensed via Flyway Enterprise or SQL Toolbelt.  For more information, see our EULA.

The SQL Compare command line interface can be used on a Windows service account to allow it to be used as part of an automated CI/CD process. In some cases, however, it is not possible to log in to a service account, which can prevent users from activating the CLI on these accounts.

To allow the CLI to be activated, the /allUsers flag can be used when activating the product via the command line. This will activate the product for all users, including service accounts. For example:

sqlcompare /allUsers /activateSerial:123-456-789012-ABCD

This command requires you to be logged in using your Redgate ID. This can be done in two ways:

  • By launching the GUI and logging in there.
  • By following the link provided if you attempt to run the command when you are not logged in.

Further information about activation can be found here.

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