SQL Change Automation 4

Deploying database changes

SQL Change Automation allows you to automate the process of deploying changes to a database with confidence. It provides a set of PowerShell cmdlets that can validate the project and run tSQLt tests before deploying the changes to different environments.

It also provides a set of add-ons for continuous integration and continuous deployment servers, such as Team Foundation ServerAzure DevOps (formerly VSTS, Visual Studio Team Services), Octopus DeployTeamCityBamboo and Jenkins.

Broadly speaking there are two parts to the process of deploying changes. First the project is validated and a deployment package is produced - this process is known as the build. This is explained in continuous integration.

The second part can be considered the release step. This takes the deployment package produced by the build step and deploys it to the target environment. This is explained in automated deployments.

Unless otherwise stated, all automation documentation supports both SQL Change Automation projects and SQL Source Control projects

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