The backups page shows you an overview of your estate's backup history as well as allowing for detailed drill down.

Recovery Point Objective

The Recovery Point Objective (RPO) graph shows how many databases have an RPO less than a certain time range.  The RPO is the time since the last successful backup for a database, and indicates how much data would be lost in the event of failure.

Backup overview

The backup overview gives details about each database including the most recent Full, Differential and Log backups on record. 

The recovery model set for the database is also shown along with warnings that indicate possible issues with the database.


Backup details

You can expand an individual database to obtain a detailed list of the backups and a graph showing the execution times for each backup.

Note that some information cannot be shown for non-native backups made using tools other than SQL Backup, as this information cannot be reliably obtained from SQL Server.

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