SQL Monitor 9

Scheduling emailed reports

SQL Monitor lets you set up a schedule to email reports. 

SQL Monitor must be configured to send emails, see Setting up email notification for more information. 

What's in the email?

Each report will be emailed as a PDF containing the same charts/tiles as the web-based report.

Creating and editing a schedule

When creating or editing a report (see Creating, configuring and downloading reports), there's a section to configure the email schedule on the "Add Report" or "Edit Report" dialog: 

  • Time of day is the local time of the base monitor.
  • You can specify which days to send out the report (on a daily, weekly or monthly basis). 
  • You can specify multiple recipients as a comma-separated list. 

Scheduled Reports when using IIS

If using IIS as the webserver see Enabling Application Initialization in IIS.

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