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Migration scripts V2 beta

We're going to remove the migrations V2 beta from SQL Source Control in version 5. We're replacing it with an improved version of the original migrations feature that supports more things (including Git, branching, and merging).

We'll be publishing more information about this soon.

SQL Source Control 3.6 and later includes a beta version of the new Migrations V2 functionality. This is an improved version of the V1 migration script functionality introduced in SQL Source Control 3.0, and works quite differently behind the scenes.

Because Migrations V2 is still in beta, SQL Source Control uses Migrations V1 by default. To use Migrations V2, you need to enable it in the engine and comparison options.

What's new in Migrations V2

Migrations V2 supports:

  • all source control systems (including Git and Mercurial)
  • branching and merging
  • better integration with CI systems for automated deployment
  • SQL Azure databases

Unlike V1 migration scripts, V2 migration scripts don't need to be saved in a separate folder in the repository. Instead, when you commit a migration script, it's added to a table-valued function in the database. For more information, see How V2 migration scripts are used in deployment.

What do you think?

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