SQL Source Control 5

Link to an SSDT project

You can link SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) projects to source control. This means teams using Management Studio and Visual Studio can work on the same database.

Known issues

Linking to SSDT projects isn't supported. However, linking is possible, because SSDT projects and script folders (created by SQL Source Control) have a similar structure. There are some known issues:

  • CLR assembles can't be included.
  • Foreign and primary keys might be duplicated, which can cause exceptions.
  • Database-level permissions might be misinterpreted and some users might not be given permissions.
  • Visual Studio might not be able to read database-level extended properties created by SQL Source Control.

If you'd like to see this feature supported, tell us on our feedback forum.

To link an SSDT project:

  1. Create a new empty database.
    The SSDT project will be imported into this database.
  2. With the new database selected in the Object Explorer, go to SQL Source Control. On the Setup tab, click Link to source control.
  3. On the Choose your source control system page, select your source control system. 
  4. Click Next
  5. In the left pane, select your source control system.

  6. Specify the location of the repository that contains the SSDT project.
    The repository must contain the .sqlproj file and the bin, dbo and obj folders.

  7. If you're linking to a database that will be used by multiple developers, make sure Shared database is selected. 
  8. For an explanation of the different models, see SQL Source Control for teams.
  9. Click Link.

SQL Source Control imports the SSDT project to the empty database and links it to source control.

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