SQL Prompt 10

Using a shared folder for snippets

You can share your snippets with other SQL Prompt users by storing them in a shared folder (for example a network share or a Dropbox folder).

  1. In the menu bar select SQL Prompt → Options → Snippets (Sidebar).
  2. Copy the path to the Snippets folder.

  3. Paste the Snippets path in a File Explorer window, and copy the snippet files you want to share. In versions of SQL Prompt prior to v10.5.0, snippets have a .sqlpromptsnippet file extension. From v10.5.0, snippets have a .json file extension.

4. Open the shared folder you want to use and paste the snippets into it.

5. Change the path of the Snippets folder to the shared folder.

Other SQL Prompt users can then use the same snippets by changing their Snippets folder to the shared folder. To do that:

  1. In the menu bar select SQL Prompt Options Snippets (Sidebar).
  2. Under the Snippets folder, change the current location to the shared folder.

When the whole team uses a shared folder, any snippets they create will be available to all team members.

To restore the snippets folder to the SQL Prompt default location, click the Restore default button. This also adds any missing default snippets back into the folder.

When you restore the default snippets, your custom snippets aren't removed and any changes you've made to default snippets aren't overwritten.

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