SQL Prompt 10

SQL Code Completion and IntelliSense

SQL Prompt offers as-you-type IntelliSense and code completion suggestions, as well as providing other information, and helping you navigate around your code. As you accept and insert the suggested code, SQL Prompt will, if required, also qualify an object to its owner, assign aliases to tables and views, and qualify columns with the correct alias.

Working with SQL Prompt is like using an interactive SQL version of a decision tree, or railroad diagram. It is the easiest and fastest way to navigate through a complex SQL command and, with it, developers will quickly gain a syntactical understanding of the SQL, while producing working code.

Additional Resources for SQL Prompt Code Completion

In addition to this documentation, the Redgate Hub offers the following resources to help you find your way around SQL Prompt Code Completion and IntelliSense, learn how to use it, and adopt best practices :

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