SQL Prompt 6

Qualifying object names

With SQL Prompt, you can modify a SQL script so that all object names are qualified in the format:


Column names are qualified in the format:


SQL Server name and database name qualifiers are not added to the names.

To qualify object names:

  1. Open the script you want to modify in a SQL Server Management Studio query window.
  2. If required, select a portion of SQL in the script that contains the object names that you want to qualify.
    If you do not select any SQL, all object names in the script are qualified.
  3. On the SQL Prompt menu, click Qualify Object Names.

You can undo the changes to the script using the standard SQL Server Management Studio Undo features.

To keep the changes, save the script.

Keyboard shortcut: hold Ctrl and press B then Q to qualify all object names in a script, or highlight a particular object to qualify only that one.

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