SQL Search 3

SQL Search 3.0 release notes

Version 3.0.7, 19th December 2017 (SSMS edition only)


  • Disable future automatic updates for users in SSMS 2005 / 2008 / 2008R2. This is in preparation for SQL Search 3.1, which will be built in .NET 4.6.1 and will not be able to support those versions of SSMS. If you have multiple SSMS versions on your machine, using a newer version will trigger an auto-update which will then disable SQL Search on SSMS versions prior to 2012.

Version 3.0.6, 7th December 2017 (SSMS edition only)


  • Bulk uninstaller integration


  • Now prevents a race condition that could occur in the help system

Version 3.0.5, 29th November 2017 (SSMS edition only)


  • Fresh installs from the SQL Toolbelt or standalone installer require .NET 4.0. Auto-updates and versions in Visual Studio are unaffected. SSMS 2005/2008 compatibility is also retained.


  • TBI-406 Fixes installer issue with missing Prompt assembly.
  • TBI-408 Fixes installer issue with "invalid addin"
  • Product Usage telemetry no longer writes repeatedly to the event log if unable to call Redgate

Version 3.0.4, 17th November 2017 (SSMS edition only)


  • SDI-716 Some contention issues in indexing fixed.
  • Indexing is now significantly faster.

Version 3.0.3, 30th October 2017 (SSMS edition only)


  • Documentation menu item now opens the correct URL

Version 3.0.0, 10th October 2017 (SSMS edition only)


  • Support for SQL Server 2017
  • SIP Framework is no longer installed as a separate item
  • New installer user interface

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