Data Masker 6

About Table Mover Rules

Table Mover rules are designed to copy the contents of a table in the SQL Server database referenced by the current Rule Controller to a different target database. The target database does not have to be an SQL Server database (although it can be) and the target database can be located on a completely different server and/or instance. An unlimited number of Table Mover rules can be added to a masking set.

Table Mover rules are created using the New Table Mover rule dialog box. The method of operation is simple. The remote database connection information is entered at in the area at the top of the form and the remaining contents are configured as described in the New Table Mover rule help file.

The New Table Mover rule help file contains full details regarding the configuration of a Table Mover rule.

Features of the Table Mover rule

The Target Database

The target database does not have to be located on the same server as the source database and can be of a different type than the source database. Currently both SQL Server and Oracle target databases are supported. Provision has been made to add other database types at a later date.

The Target Table

The target table can be any table which can be inserted into by the login information specified in the Cross Database Login Panel. The target table does not have to have the same name or structure as the source table.

The Target Table Columns

The columns in the target table can have different names than those of the source table and, if of a different datatype, should be of a datatype suitable for automatic conversion by the target database upon insertion.

Moving a Subset of the Source Table

It is possible, using the Where Clause feature, of the Table Mover rule to configure the rule to move only a subset of the rows in the source table to the remote table.

Error Management and Handling

An error inserting the data into the remote table will normally stop execution of the masking set and all further rules. If required, the error can be trapped and the execution of subsequent rules will be possible.

Important Note: The error manager does not trap errors on a row-by-row basis. In other words if it is not possible to insert a row (perhaps due to a primary or foreign key violation) the rule will error. If that error is trapped, then the rule will just stop and no further rows will be moved. It will not attempt to move further rows to the remote table. In such a case, the remote table will be in an indeterminate state.

Creating Table Mover Rules

Table Mover rules are created by launching the New Table Mover rule form using the New Rule button located on the bottom of the Rules in Set tab.

As with all Data Masker rules - Table Mover rules execute in the order specified by their Rule Block and Dependency state.

How to Create a New Table Mover rule

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