Migrations tab


When you visit the Migrations tab, you will see all the migrations script in your project.

Clicking on a script will show you the script's contents at the bottom.

If the Versioned migration script has a corresponding Undo migration script, you can switch to this view.

You can use the Open button to open the script in your preferred editor.

Adding target databases

Add a target database, to see exactly which scripts have been applied to that target, how long they took to execute, and what scripts are pending.
Learn about all the possible states.

Click View Dry Run script to see the exact deployment script, which concatenates all the pending scripts together, for that target database.  You can click Run migrate to execute the script on the target.

There are other commands (Undo, Repair, Baseline, Clean, Validate) you can execute against the target database.

Learn more about Adding parameters to any of the commands.

Adding migration scripts

Click Add migration to add a migration script manually.

To import the content of an existing migration script into the editor, click Browse files.

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